The Gift of Obstacles

At the end of a long day, I whipped into my favorite grocery store. CLUNK! A loud noise reverberated from my front tire. Shoot! I squarely nailed the curb. I felt dumb pulling into the parking lot, and I hoped no one witnessed my misfortune. Spotting a fresh chocolate chip cookie in the bakery case lifted my spirits. Unfortunately, the low tire pressure light quickly dashed it. While braking at the stop sign, my car lurched to the right. Ugh, my front was losing pressure quickly. I pulled into my driveway to hear the painful hiss of my tire deflating.

I called roadside assistance while taking intermittent bites of my cookie. The cheerful operator assured me she could help. However, since my insurance policy did not include roadside assistance, the help would cost $53.00. Double ugh! I savored the last of my cookie while watching the mechanic change my tire. I ruptured the sidewall. My tire was kaput. I called my Dad for support.

Me: Hi Dad, I blew my tire hitting a curb. I feel stupid. I need a pep talk.

Dad: Well A, there’s another thing you need to think about. You probably threw out your alignment.

Me: Dad, that is the worst pep talk ever!

Dad: Sorry, A. (laughing) I just wanted to make sure you got everything taken care of at the tire place. You’re well. The car is well. All is well.

Me: That’s better. Thank you. Love you.

Dad: Keep me posted on what happens.

While standing at the tire shop service counter, I overheard another customer buying tire insurance.

Me: It’s well worth it. I’m replacing a tire today for free.

Customer: Did you pick up a nail or something?

Me: No. I stupidly hit a curb while turning into the grocery store.

Customer: I totally did that the other day! I hit a curb in total daylight and felt like a dumb ass!

The service agent told a similar story. My shame quickly faded, and I realized everyone has these mishaps. This obstacle reminded me I’m not alone. I should give myself compassion vs. criticism. BTW- Dad my alignment is ok.

What gifts have obstacles brought to your life?




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