Silver Linings

BMW 3-Series (E90)

BMW 3-Series (E90) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Every experience, no matter how bad it seems, holds a blessing of some kind.”~ Buddha

I recently admired a photo of the Chicago skyline in the home of someone special to me, John*. He laughed and explained, “there’s quite a story to the picture.” He recounted his huge crush on, Ann,* while an undergraduate at Purdue. John described her approaching him after class and asking if she would see him at the local bar that evening. His heart leaped! All the months he patiently waited to make his move paid off. John’s imagination drifted to kissing this angelic beauty and having the girlfriend of his dreams. He tried to appear calm that night while sipping his beer and keeping an eye out for Ann. Then, he spotted her. She looked gorgeous. . . AND she had her arm wrapped around a guy. Ann approached him and his buddies. She said, “Hi John. This is William. I’m leaving with him, and I was wondering if you could drive my car back to campus.” John’s heart sank. After recovering from this calamity, he graciously took her keys, and said, “of course.”

John nor his best friend owned a car. Hence, they decided to make lemonade out of Ann’s lovely lemons. They bought a jumbo bag of Doritos and two Pepsis and motored to Chicago. Two hours later they pulled up to the Chicago skyline. John grabbed his camera and captured the beautiful photo now adorning his wall. He and his buddy drove home around 4am and cleared the Dorito crumbs out of Ann’s car. She was never the wiser.

A month ago, I approached my sweet Prius. The shattered driver’s side mirror desperately clung to the body by a sinewy cable. The door also suffered a deep gouge. The note secured under the wind shield wiper read, “Amelia, I am so sorry for backing into your car. I’ll repair it immediately. Your neighbor.” Tears welled up in my eyes given it was the second time my poor Prius suffered a pummeling. I walked into the rental car company late on a Sunday afternoon. They only had three cars available for rent a Ford F150, Dodge Charger, and BMW 3 series . . .given I don’t feel comfortable driving large vehicles, you know how this one turns out. A little blessing in the form of a 2016 beemer . . .(=

Where might you find that blessing in the middle of a heartbreak or a pummeled Prius?



*Names changed to protect John in case Ann ever reads this blog.


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