Ms. Moaner: Letting Someone Steal Your Peace

I practice Bikram yoga. I appreciate the 90 minute moving meditation, 26 postures, and SILENCE. This practice contains no music. Aside from two breathing postures, one should breathe in and out of one’s nose. Teachers discourage students from making extraneous noises. They distract from one’s practice. After a challenging week at work, I looked forward to the serene yoga room. I awoke with pranayama breathing. Then, half-moon pose. My spine stretched as my interlaced fingers touched the sky. Then, the woman next to me emitted a loud moan. It resembled the sorrowful tone of the humpback whale. With each subsequent posture the moans continued. I peeked. This woman evidenced no signs of struggle. How could someone lack such awareness? I was practicing next to a porn flick soundtrack. Ugh.

I thought, “Don’t let anyone steal your peace, or you’re the loser.” I utilized loving kindness meditation, “I wish Ms. Moaner peace, love, happiness and ease of being. . . I wish everyone practicing next to a major moaner peace, love, happiness and ease of being.”  No luck. My irritation grew. Pema Chodron would say I was hooked by a propensity. EXACTLY, for peace and quiet during my yoga practice!!!! I tried self-compassion. I said, “Oh honey, it’s so challenging to stay calm while practicing next to a woman who sounds like she is mid orgasm.” I felt a little better. Then, I noticed my mind wander to thoughts such as “how many people have orgasms in yoga?” My mind fell totally off the rails. Yes, I allowed her to hijack my peace.

We all get hooked by partialities, attachments, and desires. The more we gain awareness of these tendencies, we can build our mindfulness muscles. Yes, my yoga class was the high fit intensity mindfulness workout, and my brain walked out a noodle. However, I will go in next time stronger and less likely to be hooked. Where could you use some mindfulness practice? Be gentle with yourself my dear.



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